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December 11, 2017
02. love anyways, (kadi and laura)

Welcome to episode 02 of dear somebody, a podcast rooted in the belief that every story matters. In this episode, Kadi and Laura Vail share their story. Despite unexpected turns and unimaginable loss they keep making the brave choice to show up, to love anyways. I am so grateful their light and resilience and to share this planet with them.
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or send a snail mail letter to
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Liberty, MO 64069-0011
Extra special thanks to:
Kadi and Laura Vail (find them on instagram: @laura_vail and @kadivail)
David Fiser, for the lovely audio clips from their wedding

Musical genius thanks to:

Show Me Love – Laura Mvula

The Holly and the Ivy – Andrew Peterson

Britten Ceremony of Carols, Procession – Copenhagen Boys Choir
Rock of Ages – Gillian Welch
How Shall I Fitly Meet Thee – Sufjan Stevens
St. Jude – Florence and the Machine
Let Myself Fall – Rosie Thomas
Resolution – Matt Corby
Doxology – My Epic

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