from ash

The more time I spend here, the less I am certain of. Today, these are some of the things I believe:
  • our original beloved-ness has the first and last word.
  • depths of sorrow are in direct correlation to capacity for joy.
  • analog is almost always better than digital, especially in relationships.
  • real and imperfect is better than retouched.
  • loving myself is the instruction sheet for loving others.
  • the public library is one of the happiest places on earth.
  • many hands make light work. shared stories make the road brighter.
  • pain is the birthplace of transcendence.
  • Black lives matter, I as a white woman with a Black son have so much work to do, and all of us born with privilege are called to work for justice and mercy for the oppressed.
  • I need real, tangible humans in my life in order to be the most vital hope-filled being I can.
  • the most important person is the one standing right in front of me (this applies to my children, my lover, the grocery check-out-bagger, and the woman reflected back at me in the mirror).
  • Ram Dass is right; We are all just walking each other home.
  • We are loved beyond anything we could comprehend and the Mysterious Tremendum et Fascinans is always speaking the words of a tender, faithful mother, “you are loved.”
  • our original beloved-ness has the first and last word.


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